Time to prepare your home for winter–even though it’s summer!


While you’re enjoying the summer holiday and hopefully some hot weather it’s the right time to get your home ready for winter.

Below are some of the physical effects of temperature:

  • Below 13°C – blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease may increase.
  • 14-15°C – less resistance to respiratory diseases.
  • 18°C – is the recommended night time bedroom temperature.
  • 19-21°C – is the recommended daytime temperature range.
  • 24-27ºC – is too warm

Children, the elderly, people with certain disabilities or existing health conditions are especially vulnerable to the cold. This includes physical and mental health conditions, such as diabetes and anxiety.

The Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) available from the government and delivered by the Council and Better Homes Yorkshire can help your home attain the optimum temperature for indoor comfort. See our previous bulletin explaining the HUG and eligibility criteria here.

Insulation measures are available including: cavity wall, loft and attic room. If you own or rent your home from a private landlord and your household income is below £30,000 and your property has an EPC with a low rating, Better Homes Yorkshire can help.

Contact 01904 552300 or email betterhomes@york.gov.uk or go to this website for more information.


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