Digital Champions

The Digital Champions service at Nidd Plus is here to help people get on line and increase their level of digital skills.  There is a growing gap in equality between people who are digitally enabled and those who are not, and this is why we have set up this service: to help people in our area become confident and competent in digital skills.
Jo Hayes is our Digital Champion Coordinator.  She can help people with digital skills and also coordinates our new and growing team of volunteer Digital Champions.  If you would like to volunteer as a Digital Champion, get in touch with Jo at:  She can advise you what training is required and what you can expect as a volunteer helping people with digital skills.  For more about what Digital Champions do and can offer, see below.

What is a Digital Champion?

Digital Champions help others to build confidence and skills to get online. You don’t need to be a digital expert to be a Digital Champion. You do need to be confident in your own digital skills. You must also have the patience, enthusiasm and passion to help others.

Examples of some of the activities a Digital Champion might undertake:
  • Helping a learner set up an email address
  • Showing a learner how to use video calling
  • Helping a learner pursue their hobbies and interests online
 Please get in touch with us, using Jo’s email address above, to find out more.