Community Library

Our library has been back open to the public since early July and it has been great to welcome people back to browse our books, DVDs, etc, and book computer time.

We now have our greatly expanded jigsaw library on display in the library area and all jigsaws are free to borrow.  Please pop in to have a look at our selection of over 80 jigsaws and borrow one or two.  

If you cannot get in to the library, you can browse the selection in the attached Jigsaw Library PDF document below.  Just click on it to open.  If you would like a jigsaw delivering to your home, please call us on 01423 714953 and we can arrange a convenient time to drop it off to you.

Library by appointment

We started a home library book delivery service in April for people who needed to self-isolate, and are still continuing to offer a click and collect-style “Library by Appointment” service. You can order books that are in our library and we will pick them from the shelves and put them in a bag and arrange a time for you to pick them up at our door—or arrange a time to deliver your selection to you if you are unable to get into the library.
There are 2 ways you can order books:
  1. Go on line at and search the catalogue to find the books you want, checking to see if they are available at our library.  When you have a list of the books you want to order, call us on 01423 714953, and we will pick them for you and arrange a time for you to pick them up.  You will need to give us your library card number so that we can check them out of the library system for you.
  2. Fill in the online form below, letting us know the types of books you enjoy reading, and we can prepare a “lucky dip” bag of 6 books for you.  We will then arrange a time with  you for you to come and pick them up.

Summer Reading Challenge (SRC)

The annual challenge for primary-aged children will be taking place this year as normal, but can be completed digitally.  We will also be getting in several copies of the books that are promoted through the challenge, so we can offer a click and collect delivery service if you would prefer hard copies of books.  The theme this year is “The Silly Squad”, see the national website here for more information:
Children will need to create a free account to take part in the digital challenge – this sign up is simple but requires approval by an adult (via email). This two-step authentication process for children under the age of 16 is required by law.  
Obviously, as libraries are still closed, children are allowed to read their own books/comics this year but we have lots of lovely new junior eBooks and eAudiobooks available.  Check out this link to see which books are available digitally:
Nidd Plus is awarding certificates and medals to all children who complete the challenge!  

Finally, please like our new library facebook page and keep visiting it for videos, animations and suggestions for exciting books!


Resources & Services

There is a lot more to our library than just books… though books are obviously very important!

Please visit us to find out what services we can offer you, or look through the list below.

  • Internet access at our three public access computers and free Wi-Fi. Printouts can also be made (a fee applies for printing).  Library members can use our computers for free for half an hour per day. Each subsequent half hour is £1.50.  For non-library members, each half hour session is £2.50.  Concessions* have free access for one hour per day and each subsequent half hour is £1.00. Subscriptions for computer usage are available.  Details in our library.
  • E-books available in our library or can be downloaded at
  • Online Resources, including com, Newsstande-magazines and Oxford Online
  • DVDs, CDs and Audio books are available for a small hire charge (or take out an annual media subscription for £35 one-off cost and borrow sound and vision items all year round whenever you like)
  • Wellbeing Bags can be borrowed or reserved free of charge is one is not available at our library.  Wellbeing bags are portable collection of items, books and activities for individuals and groups to share at home, in the library, or out in the community.  The bags and their contents aim to promote and encourage people to practise self care and enhance mental wellbeing.
  • Local studies
  • Large-print books
  • Home library and information servicefor people who cannot access library services in person
  • Information on local groups and societies

 *Concessions are as follows: 18 years and under in full time education; jobseekers in receipt of JSA or ESA; those whose use of PCs is severely restricted by a physical or cognitive difficulty.

Regular Library Events - Cancelled until further notice


  • Children’s storytime. A free reading session for little ones is held in the library every Wednesday, hosted by one of our lovely volunteer readers, with fun, colourful floor cushions for children to sit and listen on.  Pop in to the library at 10.30 am with your child/children to join the fun for this half hour session. 
  • Reading groups.  Reading groups can order/reserve several copies of the book they are reading at our library, avoiding buying books and saving money.  We do not currently have reading groups meeting at our Community Hub, though groups can hire our meeting room as a venue.  It is a comfortable place to meet, and refreshments can be provided.

As arranged/advertised

  • Author events
  • Computer courses
  • Homework clubs
  • Drop-in advice sessions: Citizen’s Advice; Travel; Credit Union; British Red Cross mobility aids

General Information

  • If you are not a member, you can join up (for free) on your first visit and be issued with your library card immediately upon registration so that you can start borrowing as soon as possible
  • Up to 20 items can be borrowed at any time and returned to any North Yorks library
  • Items can be renewed or requested in our library*; online at; by phoning us; or by visiting any North Yorks library. Or use the North Yorks 24 hour telephone service on: 01609 532774 (have your library card and PIN ready and then follow the instructions.  If you don’t have a PIN we can supply one during our opening hours)
  • Late return of items may incur charges
  • Items can be requested from other libraries if we do not have that item in our library
  • IT subscriptions are available

*Reservation charges may apply to requested books.  Ask in our library for more information

Our Opening Hours

Day Summer Winter
Monday 10 am – 6 pm 10 am – 5 pm
Tuesday 10 am – 4 pm 10 am – 4 pm
Wednesday 10 am – 4 pm 10 am – 4 pm
Thursday 10 am – 4 pm 10 am – 4 pm
Friday 10 am – 4 pm 10 am – 4 pm
Saturday 10 am – 1 pm 10 am – 1 pm
Sunday 10 am – 1 pm CLOSED

Use our contact form here (link to contact page needed) to get in touch and to find out more, or drop in and visit us.