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Lockdown Mark 2: Services available at Nidd Plus or through our website


The new National Lockdown began today, and with it, some of our services and facilities have had to be temporarily suspended. Here is what we are still offering:

Computer bookings in the library–phone us to book

Click and collect “library by appointment” service. See here for more info and to fill out a book preference form, or call us. This service also applies to our now enlarged jigsaw library.

Home library/jigsaw delivery service. This is for people who cannot make it to the library to collect reserved items owing to mobillity issues. Phone us to discuss your book/jigsaw preferences.

Office services. We can still photocopy documents for you and provide our other office services. Just stop by the hub in Pateley Bridge on weekdays between 10am-4pm to request services. We are here working behind the scenes at the hub.

Home to hospital or surgery transport. Call us to book a journey if you do not have access to transport to get you to your appointment

We continue to offer prescription deliveries for those who need to self isolate. Call us to book a pick-up from any of the Nidderdale GP surgeries.

Our phone number is 01423 714953

Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer general browsing in the library or tourist information.

We are in the process of updating our local information sheets on which shops are open in Nidderdale and their opening times, as well as which restaurants/cafes are offering take-outs and on which days. We are also updating our exercise class to let you know which classes are running virtually over Zoom and other services. Go to this page on our website to access these information sheets which should have been updated by Friday 6 November.

We are here at the office in Pateley from 10am-4pm each weekday, so if you have any questions about local services, etc, during this lockdown, either call us or pop in to the office. We are here to help!


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