Rapid COVID testing now available to everyone: where to get tests locally


The government has announced twice weekly rapid testing to be available to everyone. This initiative started on 9th April. People are encouraged to take regular Lateral Flow tests–even if you have no COVID symptoms– to help prevent outbreaks and reclaim a more normal way of life.

Pick up tests at a local pharmacy

You can collect tests from the pharmacy in Pateley Bridge which is on the High Street. The opening hours are 9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat, closed Sundays. Anyone over 18 can collect home testing kits and you can collect two packs at a time, each pack containing seven tests. Most pharmacies in Harrogate also offer the testing kits.

Order tests to be delivered to your home

Go to this link and you can order packs of 7 tests to be delivered to your home from the government website

Testing in the workplace

If you cannot work from home you should ask if your employer is offering workplace testing. Employers can find out more about workplace testing on the government’s website.

Staff working in schools, childcare and related occupations will be provided with testing kits by their school, alongside the testing for pupils and students. 

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