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Over 70 and not had your COVID jab yet?

Over 70s are asked to contact the NHS to have their COVID-19 vaccine
The NHS in North Yorkshire is asking people aged 70 and over who have not yet been invited to have their COVID-19 vaccination to come forward and arrange a jab.
Until now, the NHS has asked people not to contact them about their COVID vaccination and wait until they are approached.
While this remains the case for most people, local NHS services are now encouraging people in priority cohorts 1-4 (over 70s and those on the shielded patient list) to contact the NHS to book their appointment to ensure everyone in this group is offered the vaccine by mid-February.
Eligible people can book their appointment online through the national booking service at Those who cannot book online can call a free 119 telephone number, anytime between 7am and 11pm seven days a week. The national system allows patients to pick a convenient location and time.
It’s important to note that if someone receives a letter from the NHS to book with the national system, and they already have an appointment booked with their local GP practice, then please ignore the letter and keep the existing appointment.
NHS North Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Accountable Officer, Amanda Bloor, said: “Healthcare colleagues across North Yorkshire and York and in the wider Humber, Coast and Vale area have been doing a fantastic job to vaccinate people in the first four priority groups, but we want to ensure that all those who are eligible, have been offered the jab.
“We know that people over 70 and those on the shielded patient list are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus. It’s important they come forward if they haven’t had their vaccine yet.
“I urge everyone to check with their parents, grandparents, relatives, neighbours and friends who are 70 years old and over if they have been vaccinated. If they haven’t had the vaccine yet, please help them book an appointment as soon as possible.
“If you have previously turned down the opportunity to get the vaccine but have changed your mind, please also come forward now. We are determined that nobody should be left behind.
“The vaccine is safe, simple, and will offer you and those around you crucial protection against this virus.”

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