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Latest guidance on how you can best help Ukrainian refugees


Many people have been approaching us asking how they can help the Ukraine, and in particular the Ukrainian refugees who have little options open to them in these desperate times, other than fleeing their home country.

The latest news seems to be that systems are still being put in place nationally (see below*), and liaison with local councils is happening behind the scenes, so the many kind and generous people who want to help should please try and stay patient.  At this stage, we have no idea how many people will travel to our area – numbers might turn out to be smaller than we imagine as people may choose to go to areas where there is already a bigger Ukrainian community, or where they have existing connections.

So the best idea is if you want to donate or to collect “stuff” in anticipation of people arriving, then please could we suggest that there will be some very specific asks when people do arrive, (a bit like the Clothes Bank and The Village do when they go on social media to say “ we need two pairs of boys’ trainers in size 3”).  Nationally and locally we are being told that donating things now in anticipation that they might be useful to someone who might arrive would not be the best way to help.    The local sanctuary charities do usually co-ordinate such specific requests, which retains confidentiality and we will work with them to support them where we can, as they’ve got the expertise in helping people to settle and anticipating issues that could arise. 

The message from organisations who support refugees seems to be that donating money to enable them to buy items at scale, locally, is more useful than donating clothes and supplies that then need to be transported long distances just at this time.  Ripon City of Sanctuary shared some helpful local advice on practical ways we can best help, based on their experience. They say that UK charities cannot cope with unwanted donations and many are still struggling with donations made in response to the Afghan airlift crisis last August.

Migration Yorkshire has said that you can let them know about any offers of housing in Yorkshire and Humber, by contacting, and the page on their website here also lets you know how you can make cash donations.

*On 14 March the Government announced the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. There are some FAQs on the Government website.


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