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Energy news updates and what support is available


The news changes on a regular basis with reference to what is happening with electricity/gas prices, support for households, etc, so here is a series of updates from our friends at Community Energy Ambassadors.

Future energy prices

The ‘Energy Price Guarantee’ means that average annual energy bills will be:

£2,500 until 31st March 2023
£3,000 from 1st April 2023, lasting for 12 months.

This is a real-terms increase of £900 per year if you take into account the removal of the £400 energy bill support scheme next year. It has been estimated that this will see 8.4million households living in fuel poverty.

Financial support 2023/24

The following has been announced by the government for next year:

£150 for those on non-means tested disability benefits (same as 2022)
£300 for pensioner households (same as 2022)
£900 for those on means-tested benefits (up from £650 in 2022)

It does not look like the £400 for all households will be repeated next year.

Help for those off mains gas

Households who heat with oil, LPG, coal or biomass are now due to receive £200 this winter. It looks like this will be paid through electricity bills but details are still to be confirmed.

Warm Home Discount 2022/23

Qualifying households will receive the £150 Warm Home Discount automatically this winter. The criteria has changed so recipients must: get a means-tested benefit; and  have ‘high energy costs’. There is now an online tool where households can check their likely eligibility.

ECO and Insulation Grants

£1 billion of funding is being made available for insulation measures from April 2023. More details to be confirmed but initial criteria is based around Council Tax band and EPC rating of the property. See here for more info.

£400 energy support for tenants

It has been unclear if and how tenants who pay for their energy to a landlord (e.g. through a sub-meter, inclusive in the rent, coin meters) will receive energy bill support. The Citizens Advice has useful information regarding different scenarios, the rights of tenants, and how to make a complaint if necessary.
Click on this link for more information:

Check direct debit amounts

There has been more news recently of energy companies hiking up direct debit amounts un-necessarily. Use this online tool to get an estimate of what you should be paying. Amounts can then be questioned with the energy supplier if they seem unjustified.

Octopus takes over Bulb

1.5 million Bulb customers will be transferred over to Octopus Energy. We advise:

1. Submit up-to-date meter readings
2. Take photos of the meter readings
3. Download your most recent Bulb bill and save to computer
4. Screenshot any credit balance
5. Keep a close eye on direct debits and carefully check your first Octopus bill

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