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Community Transport Service Now Back and Ready for Bookings!


It has been a source of huge frustration to us that throughout the crisis our wonderful community car has not been able to provide transport for people–only things–owing to social distancing rules.

So it is fabulous that owing to the generosity of local charity, Dementia Forward, we are now able to use their minibus to transport people safely, making sure that adequate social distancing can be observed. Dementia Forward have kindly lent us their vehicle which was standing unused (and unlikely to be used for months ahead) for the forseeable future.

Huge thanks to Jill Quinn and her team for enabling us to transport people who can now emerge from their homes to make socially necessary journeys, such as shopping and seeing a friend. For many of our regular clients, staying at home in social isolation must have been very hard throughout the period of the lockdown.

We are so relieved that we can now provide transport again to people who otherwise have no access to transport!


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