Are you still having trouble with television reception?


Arqiva (the company who owns the mast that burned down) are working round the clock to restore TV services which were affected by the fire at Bilsdale Mast. Two new “relay masts” have now gone live, improving TV services for 6,000 more households.

Further, smaller masts will soon follow across the area which will help restore services for those who don’t have any, or improve them for those who have some. Our engineers are out measuring TV signal strengths to help us make further progress.

A temporary mast at Bilsdale went live in October, restoring some TV services to around 95% of households across the region. Teams are starting work on another 80-metre mast at Bilsdale which will improve the quality of service across the region.

If you haven’t done it already, then you may need to retune your TV and there’s a retuning guide here.


Unfortunately, a number of homes still remain without a TV signal. These so-called “not-spots” have poor line-of-sight communication with the temporary mast. We’re working to increase coverage in order to reach more homes with relay masts, like those recently switched on at Loftus and Thirsk, with more to soon follow but to help as many people as possible we’re also offering further assistance.

Help available

Arqiva are trying to find the best way to help everyone without a TV signal. If you, or someone you care for, needs support or advice then you can fill in an online form to request help here or please call the dedicated freephone number on 0800 121 4828.

TV streaming device voucher

If you’re living in a “not-spot” area, where services have not been restored, then you will have received a voucher to cover the cost of an alternative way to watch free-to-air TV.

The £50 voucher can be spent at Currys, online or in-store, to buy a TV streaming device. See for all of the available streaming devices. Any funds left over from the voucher after buying a TV streaming device can be used by the householder.

More than 3,500 people have already made use of their vouchers, and we hope more will follow.

The official letters containing details on the secure way to activate your Currys voucher have been sent out. You need WiFi to use a TV streaming device, and if you don’t have broadband then please call the freephone number above for further assistance.

Regular updates and support can be found here at

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